Animation Assignment

I’ve always thought that limboing was dangerous…especially to people with too much confidence and not enough bend.


Colors of Evil

I thoroughly enjoyed this animated short. It was well presented and oh-so-cute. You have to love an animation that is simple but has a fun concept. The main girl reminds me of Invader Zim.

Credits go to Ringling School of Art and Design

Behind the Scenes: Brother Bear

Brother Bear – Copyrighted by Disney

I was recently researching animated films, looking at everything from Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas to Disney’s Snow White and I stumbled along this behind the scenes video.

Most people are unaware of the amount of work and time it takes to make an animated film. The video that I am posting is actually part of the pre-animation process. It is an accumulation of work put together to present the movie to Disney for production.

I personally loved this clip because of all the sketches. I hope you enjoy it too.


Behind the Scenes: The Bear and The Hare

So I recently came across this “making of” video of a commercial made using both stop motion animation and hand-drawn animation. To those of you who aren’t animators, stop motion is by far one of the most complicated and tedious forms of animation. Most beginning animators are even afraid to begin one of these projects because we’re afraid we will not have the time to finish it. Hand-drawn animation is my personal favorite. 2D animation just breathes life into a character, in my opinion. Take a look, this method of animation is quite fascinating.

Finished commercial:


Final Animation Reel

This semester is over! Done. Ca-Put.

Hours of work is finally translated into something you can see.
Here is the link to my final animation reel. Please enjoy.


Walk Cycle Animation

Final Walk Cycle

For anyone who knows me well, they will all agree I am a perfectionist. Here is a walk-cycle I made for my Intro to Animation class. This product is an accumulation of hours of drawings that didn’t make the cut. (Probably about 150 drawings) Please critique 🙂

Here’s the first version that I scrapped after spending 4 hours making it @_@
Test Walk Cycle