Dancer in Red

I have not done a post/painting in quite some time, so last night I got BIG cup of coffee and painted my heart out. Inspired by Flamenco dancers.

-Commissioned painting-





Random painting I made in photoshop. I’m working at becoming a good digital artist. Here’s my first little attempt. 🙂

Work In Progress – Wreck It Ralph

Work In Progress - Wreck It Ralph

Class Assignment : Recreate a 3D animated film scene

I chose Wreck-It-Ralph. (Awesome movie, if you haven’t seen it, go see it.) I’m going to rebuild the Niceland building. On the left you can see how far I’ve gotten in recreating it in a 3D rendering. This is between 4-6 hours of work modeling, remodeling, and shaping.

Things to do: Finish modeling, uv, texture, color, and light.

Sketches/Concept Art

Photo on 2013-12-27 at 21.44

The original image was made using colored pencil for sketch lines and faber castell artist pens in brown. Second image was rendered in Adobe Illustrator using live trace. I posted it because I liked the way it looks. It does not do the original justice. I may have to work on this further.

Sketches/Concept Art

I have been working on improving myself as an artist. The biggest of which is improving my attention to detail. I drew out the sketch of a bird that I had drawn before but with more attention to detail in an almost mechanical way. Please comment! I’d love to hear what everyone thinks.

Snowman in Florida

Snowman in Florida

So for those of you who know me, I am crazy about snow. The first time I ever saw snow, I actually spent 5 hours building an igloo with a family-friend. Needless to say…that was not
a good idea. I got a horrible 24 bug, but that is not the point. 😉

I currently live in Florida and we get a bit chilly sometimes (like 50 degrees haha), but we never get any snow. So I figured I would build myself a 3D snowman in Maya. I think he came out really cute for being mostly basic shapes and a little bit of maya-magic as I call it.




5 HRS LATER. Igloo is so small we are cramped inside. But I accomplished my goal of making an igloo. Mission accomplished. 😀