Food Truck Design


One of my family members requested I create a carnival/fair-themed food truck design for a school project.

Here is the final product.


Spud : Character Sheet/Poses

It is 2015 and time for growth. I am making it my mission to post more of my artwork, new years resolution style.

Here is more of Spud, my Corgi character. I do plan on eventually creating 2d animated shorts of him wobbling around and being the goof that he is. Spud is loosely designed based on my pup Chase. (Who is more of an old man than a pup 😉 ) Like, comment, and share!

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

Throwback – yoda sculpt


Just found this picture in my media library. For those of you who dont know, sculpting is a hobby of mine. This was a present for a friend I work with. Kind of proud at how it came out.

Happy new year!

I know its a little late but Happy New Year! I will be posting many images of my soon to come animations or animated characters. This year is promising to be a lot of fun and I hope your year promises to be the same. Many thanks to everyone who has been liking/commenting on my pics. It makes me more motivated to keep posting. So keep it up! 🙂 Many things soon to come.

Snowman in Florida

Snowman in Florida

So for those of you who know me, I am crazy about snow. The first time I ever saw snow, I actually spent 5 hours building an igloo with a family-friend. Needless to say…that was not
a good idea. I got a horrible 24 bug, but that is not the point. 😉

I currently live in Florida and we get a bit chilly sometimes (like 50 degrees haha), but we never get any snow. So I figured I would build myself a 3D snowman in Maya. I think he came out really cute for being mostly basic shapes and a little bit of maya-magic as I call it.




5 HRS LATER. Igloo is so small we are cramped inside. But I accomplished my goal of making an igloo. Mission accomplished. 😀

Behind the Scenes: Brother Bear

Brother Bear – Copyrighted by Disney

I was recently researching animated films, looking at everything from Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas to Disney’s Snow White and I stumbled along this behind the scenes video.

Most people are unaware of the amount of work and time it takes to make an animated film. The video that I am posting is actually part of the pre-animation process. It is an accumulation of work put together to present the movie to Disney for production.

I personally loved this clip because of all the sketches. I hope you enjoy it too.

Behind the Scenes: The Bear and The Hare

So I recently came across this “making of” video of a commercial made using both stop motion animation and hand-drawn animation. To those of you who aren’t animators, stop motion is by far one of the most complicated and tedious forms of animation. Most beginning animators are even afraid to begin one of these projects because we’re afraid we will not have the time to finish it. Hand-drawn animation is my personal favorite. 2D animation just breathes life into a character, in my opinion. Take a look, this method of animation is quite fascinating.

Finished commercial:

Sketch 12/5/13


I really enjoy sketching animals in different poses. Bears are fascinating and are depicted in movies such as Brother Bear and The Jungle Book. I hope I get to make one of my bears dance one day like Baloo. 

Thanks guys!

I’d like to thank everyone who pays attention to my art, you guys are my inspiration. I love your feedback and your energy. I will be posting more soon. Working full time and going to school can really take a toll on creative energy. If anyone wants to see something in specific, please post. I will definitely consider making requests. Keep watching! You haven’t seen anything yet. 🙂