Concept art for “Spud”

I have decided to work more on 2d animation and characters coming to life. Here’s a sneak peak of my Corgi character that I named Spud because in my opinion he’s potato shaped.

Reference images:



Character design:




Illustration 7/26/14

This is the first full illustration I’ve ever done in Photoshop. I’m please with how it came out. I was going for something along the lines of a storybook page.

WIP Character Designs

When creating a character, the character goes through many phases. I’m posting the work in progress of both characters. The turtle’s name is going to Boulder and the rabbit’s name is Whiplash. Below are their transformations from their original design to what they are now.


Back to Work!

I’m not one to make new years resolutions. I’m more of a make-it-up-as-you-go kind of girl. Goal setting is hard enough to keep and if I really feel inspired, that is when all of the motivation starts flowing.

So, here are a few goals of mine for the next few months/year:

-Draw/post more (I bet you guys will like that)

-Post more animations/school work

I officially have 3 semesters left in my major and would love to have a following of my classwork/assignments. So if you like it, please let me know. I love to hear that what I do is not an ‘art major that [I] can’t take anywhere”. (Way to pop a little kids balloon, folks.)

To put it simply, I LOVE what I do. I love knowing other people do too. You guys inspire me.


ANNNNDDD Back to the show….

These are a few concept drawings of two characters I plan on modeling in clay then in our Maya 3D program. They will possibly be featured in a short animation I do in the future.

The spaceman is actually a character of his own. I have a little idea in my head that might be easier to implement in the amount of time we are given to complete our projects.

[PLEASE excuse my sheets. I was drawing in the middle of the night. ^_^()]


Sketches/Concept Art

Photo on 2013-12-27 at 21.44

The original image was made using colored pencil for sketch lines and faber castell artist pens in brown. Second image was rendered in Adobe Illustrator using live trace. I posted it because I liked the way it looks. It does not do the original justice. I may have to work on this further.

Sketches/Concept Art

I have been working on improving myself as an artist. The biggest of which is improving my attention to detail. I drew out the sketch of a bird that I had drawn before but with more attention to detail in an almost mechanical way. Please comment! I’d love to hear what everyone thinks.