Food Truck Design


One of my family members requested I create a carnival/fair-themed food truck design for a school project.

Here is the final product.



This is the first original painting that I have done in a while. I am really in love with the colors. The photo doesn’t quite do it justice. Comments appreciated 🙂


Spud : Character Sheet/Poses

It is 2015 and time for growth. I am making it my mission to post more of my artwork, new years resolution style.

Here is more of Spud, my Corgi character. I do plan on eventually creating 2d animated shorts of him wobbling around and being the goof that he is. Spud is loosely designed based on my pup Chase. (Who is more of an old man than a pup 😉 ) Like, comment, and share!

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

Throwback – yoda sculpt


Just found this picture in my media library. For those of you who dont know, sculpting is a hobby of mine. This was a present for a friend I work with. Kind of proud at how it came out.

Boulder UVs

So what a lot of people don’t know is how much work goes into making one character. Step 2, after modeling a character is UVing. What this means in a simple way of speaking is taking all of the little squares in a model, sewing them together in a program in a way that the color you place on them will flow seamlessly. This is possibly the most difficult part of creating a character (in my opinion). Usually, modelers cover their mesh with checkered boxes to see how everything flows. Here’s a sneak peak of my project with the turtle I named ‘Boulder.’ [Still have some work to do]Screenshot 2014-04-23 13.39.33 Screenshot 2014-04-23 13.39.27

Work In Progress – Wreck It Ralph

Work In Progress - Wreck It Ralph

Class Assignment : Recreate a 3D animated film scene

I chose Wreck-It-Ralph. (Awesome movie, if you haven’t seen it, go see it.) I’m going to rebuild the Niceland building. On the left you can see how far I’ve gotten in recreating it in a 3D rendering. This is between 4-6 hours of work modeling, remodeling, and shaping.

Things to do: Finish modeling, uv, texture, color, and light.

Fan art

I recently had a commission asking me for something similar to ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ I made my own characters with a similar art. I admire the art work in that book very much. I will be posting my own monsters in the coming weeks.

WIP Maquette

After the initial character design, we work on maquettes. I am making my bunny do a fighting pose. This is the work in progress. The sculpt is made of 1/8 and 1/6 aluminum wire, aluminum foil, and super sculpy clay. When I am done, I will paint it grey with acrylic paint and post the final product. STAY TUNED!



‘Night Owl,’ sharpies and pastels

Throwback Thursday! Here is a photo of a small artboard I made using sharpies and pastels. I am absolutely in love with owls and just as in love with the painting of Starry Night by Van Gogh.

I recently went in for an internship with a graphic design company and very happy to say that….I think I got it. Cross your fingers and toes. Big things to come in 2014!